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“Natural Minerals, Trace Elements & Essential Omega Oils for horse people who know the best shouldn’t cost the earth.”

Only 100g per horse per day for maximum health.

Available in 10kg buckets or 25kg and 40kg bags.

Benefits of Feeding Your Horse MEGA HORSE

1. It’s Easy 100g per horse per day and it’s all done, no adding some of this for this one and none of that for that one. 2. It’s Yummy Horses will eat it straight out of your hand, no mixing to mask the taste no separating horses in the same paddock 3. It’s Economical One 10kg bucket will last one horse 100 days 4. It Works Been on the market for 10+ years and fed to all different breeds across a broad range of disciplines with excellent results. 5. You Can See The Results Some people have noticed a difference in as little as 3 days, but generally 2 weeks of feeding Mega Horse will produce noticeable results. 6. Proudly Aussie Made Made, owned, created and manufactured, using all Australian labour and marketing

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“Try Mega Horse today, and see the difference.”

Just 100g (approx 1 cup) per horse per day for maximum health …