Buy Your MEGA HORSE – Horse Supplement Here.
( Direct from the manufacturer)

Mega-Horse-Logo-Bucket Obviously we would prefer if our valued customers buy from our Australia-wide network of distributors, but sometimes they either don’t stock it, or some don’t even know about Mega Horse – yet! (and our intention is not to take business away from our distributors.)

So this is why we have set up this page on our website, so that you will buy your Mega Horse here, right now.

Just to let you know, we only sell the 10kg buckets via the website for only $99.90 (plus $40 shipping) . The reason being is that Australia Post won’t deliver our 25kg and 40kg bags. (If you want to buy bags then please Contact Us  to discuss.)

And you can order as many buckets as you like.

Thank you.