Frequently Asked Questions

What is MEGA HORSE ?

MEGA HORSE is a supplement for horses. It is a natural mineral and trace element mix in a sunflower seed and soya meal base.

What does MEGA HORSE do ?

MEGA HORSE provides natural trace elements, minerals and essential omega oils to your horse. By providing these to your horse in the MEGA HORSE special balance it enables your horses system to operate at its optimum level.

What does this mean for my horse ?

Your horses metabolism can operate at its optimum level means that it can extract more goodness from the other feeds it eats and enables your horse to maximise its genetic potential.

It may also mean that problems such as Queensland itch, greasy heel, iron deficiencies, dull dry coat, cracked hooves etc, can be eliminated.

Where can I buy MEGA HORSE ?

MEGA HORSE can be purchased from your local produce/fodder store. If they don’t have it, please Contact Us at head office and we will arrange to get it to you.

How much is MEGA HORSE ?

We don’t set a recommended retail price as our suppliers distribution costs vary from area to area, so they set the prices.

Can I buy MEGA HORSE from you directly ?

Yes you can if you want to purchase in bulk (such as pallet lots).

If you are after 1 or 2 items you are much better off getting it through your local supplier or feed store.

Do you have any examples of how MEGA HORSE works ?

We sure do.

Check out our customer Testimonials  here on our website.

Why doesn’t MEGA HORSE contain added vitamins ?

The only vitamins MEGA HORSE contains are the ones that naturally occur in the sunflower seeds or soya meal.

We don’t add any extra vitamins because once your horse is a MEGA HORSE horse, he/she can extract more vitamins from the other feeds he/she eats.

Unless your horse is on a heavy to very heavy workload, supplementary vitamins are generally unnecessary.

How is MEGA HORSE different to other supplements ?

The main benefits of MEGA HORSE are its unique blend of natural colloidal minerals and trace elements and the base that it is in.

There are no chemically produced minerals in MEGA HORSE. These minerals and trace elements are all natural and available in the correct ratios for your horse to achieve maximum uptake of them.

The sunflower seed and soya meal base provides the essential omega oils required for excellent coats and strong healthy hooves.

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Can I feed other supplements with MEGA HORSE ?

If you feel you need to add other supplements then go ahead, although most customer don’t feel they need to.

We do ask that you don’t feed other minerals or trace elements, such as adding extra lime/dolomite, sulphur or copper sulphate etc.

These will upset the proven balance of MEGA HORSE and will actually have a negative effect on your horse.

If you are unsure about your supplement, feel free to Contact Us.

Why is the dose the same for all horses ?

Vitamin requirement varies greatly from horse to horse, however extensive research (by the National Research Council for example) has shown that mineral and trace element requirements for horses at a maintenance level is fairly standard.

If you are feeding miniatures you can decrease the dose and similarly if you have heavy horses you can increase the dose.

The way MEGA HORSE is made is that your horse can extract what it requires and the rest can pass harmlessly through its system.

Some of our customers have commented on how much better their vegetable garden is when they use MEGA HORSE horse manure on it.

What is the standard dose ?

We recommend you feed 100g (approx 1 cup) per horse per day.

This means a 10kg bucket should last one horse 100 days.

What sizes does it come in ?

It is available in 10kg buckets or 25kg and 40kg bags.

Why feed a supplement ?

Many of the minerals and trace elements a horse requires used to be present in the grasses and hays that they ate.

However due to modern farming practices they no longer exist and because your horse’s requirements haven’t changed, they need to get them from somewhere to maintain good health.

What if these minerals and trace elements are in our soil ?

That’s a really great start, but last time I looked, horses ate grass, not dirt. (although they may have a chew on dirt sometimes, they don’t eat it to survive).

Research has shown that if these minerals and trace elements are in your soil, it doesn’t mean they are automatically in your pasture. Different pastures take up different nutrients at different times of the year.

So unless you are actually getting your pasture analysed as opposed to your soil, it’s a safe bet your horse could be missing out on something, somewhere along the line.

For less than $1 per horse per day it’s a cheap price for peace of mind.

Why feed MEGA HORSE ?

If you are happy with what you are feeding and how your horse is, then don’t.

If, however, you think your horse may be lacking in some area or you feel he/she just isn’t quite right, then give MEGA HORSE a go.

How long will MEGA HORSE take to work ?

Some of our customers have noticed a difference in their horse in just three days. Others may take a week or two.

We recommend you feed MEGA HORSE for a full blood cycle, which in horses is 12 weeks. This will give you a true result.

We also suggest that you take photos of your horse before feeding MEGA HORSE and after 6 weeks and again after 12 weeks so you can more accurately compare the changes in your horse.

Will MEGA HORSE heat my horse up ?

There is nothing in MEGA HORSE to increase the energy level in your horse. However because horses on MEGA HORSE are able to function better, they can then extract more from the other feed they eat.

So the occasional customer has reported their horses energy level has increased once they start them on MEGA HORSE, but once they cut back on the other feeds in their horse ration, the problem ceases to exist.

Will MEGA HORSE cure Queensland itch ?

We make no claims as to what MEGA HORSE will and wont do. However reports from some customers state that once they feed MEGA HORSE to their horses, Queensland itch disappears.

If you are having specific problems with your horse, please Contact Us and we will be able to help you and if we don’t have the answer chances are we will know someone who does.

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“Try Mega Horse today, and see the difference.”

Just 100g (approx 1 cup) per horse per day for maximum health …