Mega Horse Product Details

Adrianne Bowden has been involved with horses since she was eight years old.

Her interest has grown to a passion during her teenage years, then becoming a career at University. She graduated with a “distinction” in an Associate Diploma of Horse Husbandry.

She then moved to New Zealand for 18 months, breaking-in and pre-training racehorses.

Her career has now become a lifestyle, owning and running a produce store since 1994, as well as “Yagoneya” Australian Stock Horse Stud, an exclusive operation producing quality show stock and performance horses with good temperaments and a solid education under saddle.

Yagoneya stud bred the ASH National Supreme Hack of 2011 as well as the ASH National Supreme Led of 2014 & 2015 to add to the impressive list of other State and Royal titles.

Mega Horse plays a very crucial part  in the successful horse training and rider coaching side of the business as the owners notice pretty much immediately the improvement in their horses, mentally, physically and emotionally.  (see our facebook page for regular updates)

With the knowledge learned through my degree in Horse Husbandry, the assistance of an Equine Nutritionist, and the input of customers & friends, MEGA HORSE was created.

Having owned a produce store since 1994, and an ongoing association with horses, I have had the opportunity to trial many feeds and supplements.

Knowing that Australian pastures lack many minerals and trace elements necessary for good health and well being, and continually trying supplements which did not reach my expectations, I decided to create a supplement of my own.

Firstly trace elements and mineral had to be available in a balanced and easily digestible form.

Secondly it had to taste good so that horses would happily eat it.

Thirdly it had to work. The improved hoof and coat condition (among other things) are the most instantly recognisable signs that it really does work.

A minimum 2 year trail period was conducted, before being released commercially.

Disciplines included endurance, showing, pony club, campdrafting, dressage, pleasure etc.

Ages ranged from foals fed in utero, broodmares with foal at foot, weanlings & yearlings to geriatrics.


MegaHorse is a blend of organic minerals & trace elements and all the essential omega oils in their natural form.

The minerals and trace elements are in balance so that your horse can maximise absorption which assists in problems such as:

  • Queensland itch
  • dull dry coat
  • iron deficiencies
  • general failure to thrive



Sunflower kernal, soya meal, natural colloidal minerals, rock minerals, trace elements and oil.



Calcium Ca 48.00g/kg
Phosphorus P 22.00g/kg
Potassium K 27.40g/kg
Sodium Na 0.70g/kg
Magnesium Mg 15.00g/kg
Sulphur S 16.60g/kg
Iron Fe 7.50g/kg
Copper Cu 1.18g/kg
Manganese Mn 124.00mg/kg
Zinc Zn 69.00mg/kg
Molybdenum Mo 5.00mg/kg
Colbalt Co 6.00mg/kg
Selenium Se 1.80 mg/kg
Boron B 5.00mg/kg
Carbon C 2.00g/kg
Vitamin E 200.00mg/kg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 10.50mg/kg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.00mg/kg
Digestible Energy 13.30mj/kg
Crude Protein 15%
Crude Fat 23.6%
N.D.F 9.5%


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“Try Mega Horse today, and see the difference.”

Just 100g (approx 1 cup) per horse per day for maximum health …